Celso García Cruz

Celso has been involved in the family business since a child, but it wasn’t until returning from eight years of military service in northern Mexico that Celso begin to dedicate himself full time to the planting, harvesting, and processing of maguey in Lachigüizo. His wife, Felipa (also of strong mezcalera heritage), and kids help with nearly every batch, assisting in the unearthing of the cooked piñas, the chopping and mashing of the agave, and supervision of the old sabino wood fermentation tanks. Celso distills around 1,000 liters of agave every year, working with a diverse mix of espadín, bicuixe, madrecuixe, pulquero, tepextate, tobala, tobaziche, jabalín, and cucharillo (not actually an agave but rather a dasylirion subspecies). Batch sizes range from a miniscule 20 liters to around 400 liters, depending on the quantity and specific variety of agave used at any one time, ensuring that his supply of maguey remains healthy and unstrained.

 Tierra: colorada, roja, and cascajo

Horno: 7 ton capacity conical earthen oven

Mashing: machete, axe, and mechanical mill

Ferment: 5 Montezuma cypress sabino wood tanks. 1000-1200 liter capacity.

Distillation: Celso uses two different copper pot stills, one with a 250L, and the other, slightly larger at 300L.