Hermogenes García Vasquez

Hermogenes and his wife, Paola, both descend from a long line of palenqueros from the villages outside of Miahuatlán de Porfirío Díaz. They carry on the inheritance of agave cultivation and plant their espadín, tobala, bicuixe, and madrecuixe along with other local varietals on their lands surrounding their ranch in Lachigüizo. Scattered between a plethora of different soil types and terrains, their maguey matures side by side with their annual crops of corn, beans, and squash on the hillsides, ravines, and the occasional flats of their land. Hermogenes and family plant and harvest in accordance to moon cycles, always working in harmony with natural rhythm and family tradition. It has been our friendship with Hermogenes and family that kept us coming back to Lachigüizo, allowing us to enjoy the social and working relationships we have today. Aside from being some of the kindest people we know, the family also happens to make some of the best distillates in the region.

Tierra: colorada, roja, cascajo, negra

Horno: 7 ton capacity conical earthen oven

Mashing: machete and mechanical mill

Ferment: 5 Montezuma cypress sabino wood tanks. 1000-1200 liter capacity.

Distillation: Hermogenes and family use one 250 liter capacity copper pot still, as well as a second 300 liter capacity copper pot still. All of the family’s batches are double distilled and are mixed down and composed using the heads (puntas), heart (cuerpo or corazon), and a select cut of común (also known as shishe or ordinario) from the first round of distillation.